PDMF University has stopped admittng students to the following programs. You may please proceed to Nelson Mandela University (NMU) a non-traditional degree granting institution for upgradining yourself.


FREE*, Instant, Legally Valid Life / Work Experience Degrees WITH GRADE / MARK SHEET !

Legally suffix to your name, BA/MA/BS/MS/BCA/MCA//BBA/MBA/DBA/BE/ME/BTech/MTech/BL/ML/MD/MCh/MDS/PhD/etc.

Degree Programs

ADMISSION AS AN AFFILIATE STUDENT - Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees

PDMF University admits to its non-credit bearing, non-traditional degree programs globally a number of students, graduates, diploma holders, business men, etc., who further do not wish to proceed to either a traditional college or traditional university qualification or Government and other jobs that require traditional degrees, but wish to only graduate to enhance their knowledge, upgrade their entrepreneurial skills, have new careers, increase their chances of employability, advance in job with promotions, improve their self, which could lead them to more money, more security, and a better way of life.

All students who pursue these non-credit bearing degree programs are known as affiliate students and study in this way. Please note that no transferable credits are provided. Students at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level can be admitted as an affiliate student.

All of PDMFU degrees are legal and legitimate. However, please note that degrees in certain disciplines require special registrations with Government certified bodies for practise in those disciplines. However, if that is your goal, then please check before enrolling whether the non-credit bearing, non-traditional first degrees from PDMFU, may help you to do so or not. If you have first degrees, by virtue of which you have done your registrations, then, you may acquire your second non-credit bearing, non-traditional degrees from PDMFU.

Fastest Way To Career Progression

At PDMF University, we offer you the best and most authentic life experience degree programs. By offering life experience degree programs in a wide variety of industry preferred degree majors including business management, engineering, criminal justice, nursing, computer science and many more, we make sure you achieve the highest levels of your professional dreams through accredited and recognized education. Our life experience degree programs are not only completely accredited by various accreditation bodies, they are also recognized by our partner employers all across the globe, who actively seek life experience degree graduates of PDMF University to be hired as their work force.

From thousands of years now, people have actively seek education as the one of most important aspect for career progression and thanks to the internet technology that acquisition of education is made so much easier; through the life experience degree programs. Online life experience degree programs prepare individuals for the upcoming challenges of the highly demanding professional life and not only life experience degrees prepare individuals they also recognize their prior learning experience that they have gained either through education or by working in a professional setup. Online life experience degree programs holds all the positive factors for you to enroll in a life experience degree of your choice because not only that life experience degrees are convenient, easy to acquire and recognized they also come in a very pocket friendly price which will not over burden you at all.

In the previous years as the great recession struck our economies, the rise of educating oneself according to the latest industry standards became crucial and since the world faced downsizing at a very massive level, too many people were left jobless and struggling. In order to cope up in such difficult times, online life experience degrees were your key to a better job prospect. Since life experience degree programs are granted to the applicants on the basis of what they already know, therefore life experience degrees are considered a smarter and much effective way of getting your earlier earned credits recognized, so that an employer may trust on your skills and in return offer you a job at his organization. When we talk of earlier earned credits for a life experience degree we actually refer to prior learned credits which can be either from your academics or your professional work experience.

Latest researches have proved that online life experience degrees are the most effective and applauded mode of education by working adults in the United States and around the globe. As the popularity of life experience degrees are rising, more and more people are opting for accredited life experience degree programs from PDMF University as we offer life experience degrees in much affordable price than any other life experience degree provider around the world. Not only that a life experience degree from PDMF University is completely accredited it is also accepted at all the leading universities for further education and at all the leading employers for profound employment opportunities.

The best about the online life experience degrees are yet to come. Not only that a life experience degree is offered to working adults, they are also offered to students who might have dropped off their education due to personal or financial reasons. Every year, PDMF University officials are contacted by thousands of such students who have dropped their education in the middle and now they want to complete it with the help of an accredited life experience college degree from PDMF University. Life experience college degree as the name suggests are offered to students who were in their college or high school when they left their education. The earlier earned college credits after successful evaluation will be converted to an accredited online life experience college degree which will then be shipped to the student at their doorstep within two weeks time only.

So, with the above mentioned factors it is clear that life experience degree programs are the fastest way of career progression. If you are also looking to achieve career progress, you should too acquire a life experience degree from PDMF University.

Getting started

Degree Eligibility.

The awards are open to everyone, there are no entry qualifications, no admission interviews, nor barriers whatsoever. We do however request you to send us a copy of your verifiable resume in order to properly determine whether you should be admitted. In the absence of a clear and concise summary of your qualifications, we may also use your professional LinkedIn profile or other online resume tool to decide on your admission.

PDMFU allows weightage for all previous studies, independent or correspondence course studies, seminars, workshops, language skills and any other learning process whether acquired in formal or informal settings.

We are careful to whom we make our awards to but we will consider any award be it a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate in almost any subject.

We believe that your PDMF University credentials will be of benefit to you and that you may already have the experience and knowledge to qualify.

This programme is designed for everyone whatever their sex, age, race, social or ethnic background. We do not ask you to take time off work, study or sit exams nor does our programme have any residency qualification.

U.S. Higher Education Policy

The U.S. Government Department of Veteran Affairs supports the concept of earning credits toward a standard college degree based on the individual’s knowledge and previous life experience, believing that an individual who has acquired collegiate credit through such means has manifested a level of knowledge, maturity, and ability that is at least equal to that of individuals who may otherwise qualify (Title II, Section 203).

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration encourages job applicants to obtain degrees earned by Life Experience.

What we expect from you.

We require and assess the resume of your educational, professional, military and hobby-related experience. Keep in mind that any academic evaluation is subjective in nature.

You will be submitting your resume form in absolute confidence. We will not contact any employer or educational establishment or tutor. Your resume is an assessment tool, entirely for our own internal purposes in order to realistically determine whether your existing knowledge justifies your admission.

PDMF University will never charge you for the assessment of your academic potential. In general we will inform you of the College's decision within 12 hours from receipt of your resume if you qualify. You are then free to decide whether you wish to actually enroll or not. We file your assessment record during 24 hours, and delete all your information if you have not decided by then. Should you wish to enroll later, your resume will need to be resubmitted and will be subject to a new assessment not necessarily resulting in a similar positive decision.

Perhaps you do qualify for your college award not yet acquired. Submit your resume preferably through plain email and please clearly state what you would like to accomplish. We will realistically assess your opportunities and advise you accordingly, at no charge to you.

Please feel welcome to send in your resume for our free assessment to our e-mail address.



· Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)

· Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

· Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A. / PhD)

Areas of concentrations;

The student may choose the area of study from the following topics.

General Administration / Human Resources Management/ Finance Management / Purchase Management/ Production Management / Industrial Management/ Media Management / Project Management / Construction Management / Management Information Systems / Environment Management/ Tourism Management / Shipping and Logistics Management / Portfolio Management / Marketing Management / Small Business Management / Materials Management / Foreign Trade (Import / Export) Management / Sales Management / Total Quality Management / Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management/ Contract Management / Hotel – Hospital – Catering – Restaurant Management / Operations Management / Travel / Airlines Management / Cargo & Courier Management / Office Management / Quality Assurance Management / Equity Research & Analysis Management / Merchant Banking & Financial Services / Industrial Security & Safety – Fire Management / Hire Purchase & Leasing Finance Management / Consulting Management / International Business Management / International Marketing Management / Communication Management / Market Research / Public Relation / Advertising / Training & Development / Interior design & Decoration / Computer in office Management / Business & Labour Laws / Journalism / Fashion design & Technology / Computer Software application / Maintenance Management / Hospital Administration / Others


· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Engineering (B.E. / M.E. and PhD)

· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Science (B.S. / M.S., B.Sc. / M.Sc. and PhD)

· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Technology (B. Tech. / M. Tech and PhD)

· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Architecture (B. Arch / M. Arch and PhD)

· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Computer Application (BCA / MCA and PhD)

Areas of Specialization;

Eg.,Aeronautical / Automobile / Agriculture / Chemical / Civil / Computer Science/ Electricals / Electronics / Industrial / Mechanical / Production / Textile / Petroleum / Bio Medical / IT/ and any other.


Areas of Specialization;

· AllopathicMedicine and Veterinary Science ( in various disciplines) – MD / PhD / MS / Mch / MDS / Others. (Only qualified, Government approved and registered Medical Doctors are eligible to apply on providing proof.)

· Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Unani and Chinese System of Medicine in various disciplines - MD / PhD(Only qualified, Government approved and registered Medical Doctors are eligible to apply on providing proof. Others may opt for Honorary Degrees.)

· Alternative Medical Therapies, Herbal Medicines, Yoga, Acupunctureand Others- MD / PhD

· Physiotherapy

· Pharmacy

· Nursing

· Martial Arts

· Others


Any discipline; History, Sociology, Anthropology, Language, Commerce, Economics, Accounting, Human Rights, Women Studies, Social Work, etc. (BA / MA / PhD)


Any discipline. (BA / MA / PhD)


Print / TV / Film / Digital Media Studies – Journalism, Mass Communication, Visual Communications, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Engineering and others. (BA / MA / BSc / MSc / PhD)


Any discipline.


Any discipline. (BSc / MSc / PhD)


If a student determines that a particular country / state have a requirement for a course not in the list of programs offered by PDMFU, the student may request the Dean to have a course. The request will be specially considered by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and upon his recommendation, will be offered to the student.


The Degrees are conferred with all rights, honours and privileges appertaining thereto, directly by PDMFU, USA, to the student upon meeting the Institutions Graduation requirements and their financial obligations.


The application form may be filled and submitted, any time to PDMFU admissions office through the website page available here

1. Application: The application form should be filled. A comprehensive application is comprised of all vocational, professional and academic education and detailed background. It is the philosophy of the institution that the evaluation of an applicant’s lifelong learning experience is the basis of the program. Thus, it is important to include anything that may be of value in this crucial evaluation, including military services, extensive travel, etc.

2. Transcripts: Copies of transcripts / certificates from previous attended institutions, colleges or universities may be provided for evaluation purposes.

3. Documentation Copies: In – service Training / Workshop / Seminars for evaluation purposes, it is important that the applicant list any and all workshop, training and seminars that have been attended in the courses of employment, services, or study in the field for which admission is sought. Documentation may take the form of a copy of certificate or a letter from a sponsoring employer, certifying attendance and a brief description of the training received.