Organizations where some employees are among the alumni or present students of PDMFU.

Who’s Where . . .

Major U.S. Organisations


International American Development Bank

Capitol Hill Hospital



Convair-General Dynamics

International Harvester
Gillette Co.

Golden West Airlines

Gray Tool Co.

Gulf Oil Co.

NCR Corporation

Northrop Aircraft


Ralph M. Parsons Company

J.C. Penney

Piedmont Airlines

Polaroid Corp

Gulf Universities Research Corporation

Hermann Hospital

Hughes Aircraft

Lear Siegler

Lenkurt Inc.


Memorial Hospital, FL

Memorex Crop.

General Telephne Co.

General Telephone and Electronics

Goodyear Tire Corp

Great American

Hughes Helicopter


Jersey Shore Hospital


John Deere Co.

Miami Mental Health Hospital

Mobil Oil


Morrison-Knudson Co.

Mount Sinai Medical Center


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

National Railroad Passenger Corp.

Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company

Litton Industries

Lockheed Aircraft

Mc Donnell Douglas

Martin Marietta

Lear Siegler

Lenkurt Inc.

Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company

Litton Industries

Lockheed Aircraft

Mc Donnell Douglas

Aegis Systems

Air North

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

American College of Cardiology

American Gear Company

Delco Electronics

Delta Airlines

Deluxe General

Detroit Edison Company

Eastern Airlines

Economics Laboratory, Inc.

First Interstate Bank

IstFedaral Savings & Loan

Flying Tiger Arilines

Ford Motor Co

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

Amelco Engineers Co.


Arizona School for Deaf and Blind

Bank of America

Basic Four Corp.

Bechtel Power Corp.

Bell Helicopters


Blair-Jojhson Pharmaceuticals

Borden Foods


Caesar’s World Inc.

Commodore Computers

Composite Technology, Inc.


Crocker National Bank

Crown Zellerbach Corp.

Dallas Times Herals

Diebold Corp.

Digital Equipment.

Ford Aerospace Co.

Formost McKesson Inc.

Franklin Life Insurance Company

Gates Rubber

General Electric

Riyadh Bank, Saudi Arabia

Rockwell International

St. Agnes Medical Center

Saratoga Hospital

Saudi Educational Mission

Signer Co.

Smith International

Soloman Carter Fuller Medical Center

General Electric Credit Corp.

Teledyne Systems

Truman Medical Centre


Twentieth Century Fox

United Airlines

United States Steel

Martin Marietta

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Volt Technical Corp.

Vinelli Corp.

World Bank


General Motors Corp.

Joy Manufacturing Co.

Kaiser Engineers, Inc.


System Development Corp.

Tandy Corp.


Kraft Foods

Price Engineering Sales Inc.

Prince George General Hospital

Pullman Kellog


Republic Steel

Southern California Edison

Southern California Medical Research

Stanford Research Institute

U.S. Government Agencies

Department of Justice

Department of Labor

Department of Labor

Marine Corps

U.S. Mint

National Park Service


Navy Postgraduate School

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Culver City Police

Los Angeles Police Department

Minnesota Department of Economic


Defense Language Institute

Coast Guard

Washington State Department of Social

And Health Services

Air Force

Dept. of Agriculture

Forest Service

California State Dept. of Rehabilitation

Canada Employnment& Immigration


Environmental Protection Agency


Army Corps of Engineers

California Army National Guard

Trade Commission

Dept. of Transportation

Veterans Administration

Veterans Assistance Centers

Veterans Hospitals

California Department of Mental & Public Health

California State Dept. of Health


California Air National Guard

Ventura CountrySheriff Department

Ventura County Sanitation District

California Highway Patrol

California State Military Reserve

Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare

Department of the Interior

Bonneville Power Administration

Bureau of Land Management

Postal Service

Small Business Administration Dept.

United Nation Agencies





Staff of Universities, Colleges & School Districts

Texas Christian University

Toronto School of Business

Woodland Joint Unified School Dist.

Westmont College

Georgetown University

Hacienda La Puente Unified School Dist.

Hatemann Medical College

Bret Harte School Dist

Brant County Bd. of Education, Ontario

Brown University

Catholic University of America

Chaffey Joint Union High School

City College of San Franciso

Clemson University

Ambassador College

Anderson Union High School Dist.

Baldwin Park Unified School Dist.

Bauder College

Beverly Hills Unified School Dist.

Board of Education, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Colgate City Schools

Akron Board of Education

Board of Education, Pemberton Twp.

Boise State University

Dade County School Bd.

Dartmouth College

Dawson College

District of Columbia Public Schools

Down City College

Dowling College

EI Paso Community College

Florida Atlantic University

Fullerton College

George Brown College

George Mason University

Haverhill Public Schools

Howard University

Buck Country Community College

Bossier Community College

Carbon County School Dist.2

California State University, Sacramento

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Watertown Public Schools

Wellesely Public Schools

Westchester City College

California State University, Hayward

Houston Baptist University

Houstan Community College

Jamestown Bd. of Ed.

Kentucky State University

Knoxville College

Lake County Supt.Of Schools

Li vingstone College

Los Angeeles City College

Los Angeeles City Unified School Dist.

Manfield Public School

Monrovia Unified School Dist.

Mt. Diablo School Dist.

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit

National University of Malaysia

National University of Singapore

San Mateo City School Dist.

Santa Barbara City College

Sierra Sands Unified School Dist.

Standard School Dist.

Newport School Dist.

New York Institute of Technology

University of Maryland

University of Redland

University of Quebec

Nihon University of Japan

Oakland Public Schools

Pasadena Unified School Dist.

Rancho Santiago Community College

Redwood City Schools

Roswell Independent School Dist.

Salinas City School Dist.

Temple University

Texas A & M University

Valparaiso University

University of California, Davis

University of the Dist. of Columbia

San Diego Unified School Dist.

San Diego City College

University of Hawai

University of Southern California

Vanier College, Quebec

Mt. Eden High School

Montgomery College

Government Employees From The Following Countries



Great Britain








Saudi Arabia







South Korea


Sri Lanka