If you do not have a Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate, in lieu of which you can pursue a Bachelors’ Degree Preparatory Program (BPP) from PDMFU and get certified. Open to all, however reasonable knowledge of English is essential to pursue the program.

This Program is offered by the University to those students who wish to do Bachelors Degree of PDMFU but do not have the essential qualification of having passed Schooling. In absence of such a qualifying certificate these student are deprived of higher education. To enable such students to enter higher education stream, PDMFU has designed this preparatory Program. This is an enabling program of the University but is not equivalent to High School certificate.

You may also receive the Bachelors’ Degree Preparatory Program completion certificate based on your work experience, from PDMFU on paying a nominal donation to PDMFU.

Eligibility: No formal qualification. The only entry requirements are an open mind and common-sense.Minimum Age: 18 Years andMaximum Age: No bar.