At the Diploma level, the main objective is to cater students, managers, administrators and specialists from all types of organizations and fields who wish to expose themselves to advanced topics of various subjects, for improving their knowledge, skills and better their career prospects.


Advanced Diploma:

The only entry requirements are an open mind and common-sense. Graduation is required for pursuing Post Graduate Diplomas. However reasonable knowledge of English is essential to pursue the programs.

Advanced P.G. Diploma:

Any relevant Bachelors’ Degree from PDMFU or equivalent.


The courses are ideal for students, graduates, practicing managers, technicians, entrepreneurs and business men, MBAs, retired persons, house wives and for that matter, any reasonably matured person. Professionals like chartered Accountants, Cost and Works Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers will also benefit immensely.

NOTE: The student can choose any one of the following Diploma courses. Depending on the type of diploma (e.g. Advanced diploma, P.G. Diploma, etc.,) you pursue, the curriculum will be covered in a more detailed manner, in a gradient. Successful completion of the course, leads the student to the Diploma. More courses may also be selected and studied simultaneously, further leading to additional Diplomas.

List of Diploma Courses
  • PD 201 Accounting & Finance Management (for Non – Specialists)
  • PD 202 Accounting & Finance Management (for Managers)
  • PD 203 Bond Market
  • PD 204 Corporate Finance and Investment
  • PD 205 Derivatives Market, Options, Futures, Forward and Swaps
  • PD 206 Finance Management
  • PD 207 Financial Accounting
  • PD 208 Financial Decision Making & Cost Accounting
  • PD 209 Financial Engineering
  • PD 210 Financial Management
  • PD 211 Financial Service Management
  • PD 212 Function and Working of Stock Exchange
  • PD 213 Industrial / Corporate Restructuring Management
  • PD 214 International Capital Budgeting
  • PD 215 International Financial Management
  • PD 402 Buying Research
  • PD 403 Channels Marketing Management
  • PD 404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research
  • PD 405 Customer Management
  • PD 406 Franchising Management
  • PD 407 Global Marketing Management
  • PD 408 Industrial Marketing Management
  • PD 409 International Marketing
  • PD 410 Market Research and Research Methodology
  • PD 411 Marketing Management
  • PD 412 Marketing Non – Profit Organizations
  • PD 413 Network / Multilevel Marketing
  • PD 414 Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • PD 415 Product Management (in India)
  • PD 416 Research for Marketing Decision
  • PD 417 Rural Marketing
  • PD 418 Sales and Distribution Management
  • PD 419 Sales Process Engineering
  • PD 420 Services Marketing
  • PD 421 Team Management
  • PD 501 Advertising Management
  • PD 502 Broadcast Journalism
  • PD 503 Communication Management
  • PD 504 Media Planning Management
  • PD 505 Television Production
  • PD 506 News Production
  • PD 507 Print Journalism
  • PD 508 Publishing
  • PD 601 Continuous Process Improvement Management
  • PD 602 Design Development Through Taguchi Methods
  • PD 603 ISO 9000 / 14000
  • PD 604 Maintenance Management
  • PD 605 Maintenance and Spare Parts Management
  • PD 606 Material & Machine Management
  • PD 607 Operations Management
  • PD 820 Negotiation
  • PD 821 Office Management
  • PD 822 Organization Development & Management
  • PD 823 Organizational / Industrial Psychology
  • PD 824 Personnel / Human Resource Management
  • PD 825 Problem Management
  • PD 826 Project Planning & Management
  • PD 827 Public Administration & Public Affairs
  • PD 828 Public Relation
  • PD 829 Quantitative Analysis for Business
  • PD 830 Strategic Management
  • PD 831 Team Engineering Management
  • PD 832 Technology Management
  • PD 833 Time Management
  • PD 834 Training and Development
  • PD 835 Value Management
  • PD 836 Creativity Management
  • PD 901 Indian Business Laws
  • PD 902 Indian Labour Laws
  • PD 1001 Construction Management
  • PD 1002 Garment Export Strategies
  • PD 1003 Hospital Management
  • PD 1004 Hotel – Restaurant Management
  • PD 1005 Library & Information Management
  • PD 1006 Travel & Tourism Management
  • PD 1101 Export Marketing Management
  • PD 1102 Foreign Trade (Import/Export) Management
  • DP 01 Psychology
  • DP 02 Social Psychology
  • DP 03 Child Development
  • DP 04 Child Education Psychology
  • DP 05 Physiological Psychology
  • PD 216 Company Funds and Profits Management
  • PD 217 Merchant Banking
  • PD 218 Money Banking and International Trade
  • PD 219 Multinational Financial Management
  • PD 220 Mutual Fund
  • PD 221 Securities Transactions Processing Management
  • PD 222 Profit Planning Management
  • PD 223 Securities Investment Management
  • PD 224 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • PD 225 Venture Capital Management
  • PD 301 Advanced Accounting
  • PD 302 Cost and Management Accounting
  • PD 303 International Accounting
  • PD 304 Mathematics for Business
  • PD 305 Statistics for Management & Business
  • PD 401 Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • PD 608 PERT / CPM with GERT/PDM/CPM & Other Networks
  • PD 609 Product Assurance Management
  • PD 610 Production and Operation Management
  • PD 611 Production Management
  • PD 612 Purchase Management
  • PD 613 Purchasing and Inventory Control
  • PD 614 Statistical Process Control
  • PD 615 Statistical Process Control, Deming and Taguchi Method
  • PD 616 Total Quality Management
  • PD 701 Computers in Office Management
  • PD 702 Database Management
  • PD 703 Information Management
  • PD 704 Management Information System (MIS)
  • PD 705 MIS and Decision Support System
  • PD 801 Business Economics
  • PD 802 Business Ethics
  • PD 803 Business Management During Inflation and Recession
  • PD 804 Business Process Re – Engineering
  • PD 805 Business Strategy Management
  • PD 806 Career Management
  • PD 807 Change Management
  • PD 808 Competitive Strategy & Strategic Management
  • PD 809 Consulting, Consultancy Practice & Management
  • PD 810 Corporate Strategy Management
  • PD 811 Energy Management
  • PD 812 Engineering Project Management
  • PD 813 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • PD 814 Environment Management
  • PD 815 Global Competition Management
  • PD 816 Industrial Security and Safety Management
  • PD 817 International Business Management
  • PD 818 Management in Engineering
  • PD 819 Managerial Economics
  • DP 06 Advanced Educational Psychology
  • DP 07 Experimental Psychology
  • DP 08 Abnormal Psychology
  • DP 09 Organizational Psychology
  • DP 10 Educational Psychology
  • DP 11 Social Research Method
  • DP 12 Scientific Social Surveys & Research
  • DP 13 Food and Nutrition
  • PE 01 Indian Public Administration
  • PE 02 Insurance Management
  • PE 03 Merchant Banking
  • PE 04 Advertising Management
  • PE 05 Thesis Writing
  • PE 06 Industrial Engineering and Management
  • PE 07 Economics of Hotel Management
  • PE 08 Operations Research for Management
  • PE 09 Quality Assurance in Small & Medium Sized Industries
  • PE 10 Total Quality Management
  • PE 11 Managing Quality in the Apparel Industry
  • PE 12 Business to Business Marketing
  • PE 13 Customer Relationship Management
  • PE 14 Global E – Commerce Management
  • PE 15 Revenue Management
  • PE 16 Counselling for Managers
  • PE 17 Knowledge Engineering and Management
  • PE 18 Knowledge Management
  • PE 19 Strategic Communications Management
  • PE 20 Customer Care
  • PE 21 Brand Management
  • PE 261 Six Sigma

Note: Some programs may not be available for the current session.

To get the free course material

Download the course application form.

Enrol in the courses by sending the completed Application Form to:


In case you need Diploma Certificates from PDMFU, register by paying a nominal donation to PDMFU as suggested in the Scholarship and Fees Section, on the offer of Admission.

Complete the course and send us a self-declaration letter listing the courses you have completed and stating that you have successfully finished the courses along with a project report (topic of your choice).The Institution believes that its students are mature and motivated to achieve their educational goals. And rigorous examination procedure beat the very purpose of the Institutions very existence and its basic philosophy, to allow the students to earn a qualification on a much more flexible basis than traditional Institutions. Qualifications are earned by demonstrating what you know, understood, and through the skills & the knowledge acquired, not how long you can warm a chair and then later on vomiting it out. Education is not just regurgitation of facts.

Subsequently, based on your qualifications, you will receive diploma certificates with grade / mark sheet, in six months for a Diploma, from the date of enrolment, from PDMFU.

If you do not need to be certified, still you will receive the study materials. Please let us know, along with a request for the soft copy of study materials. You will receive the soft copy of study materials shortly.


DISTANCE LEARNING - Open and flexible learning

The mode of education delivery adopted by the Institution is the ODL (Open and Distance Learning) System. The students are provided with appropriate standard study materials / standard books covering the areas of study, complimentary by Institution to help the students meet their course goals. The study materials are mailed to you on enrolment to a course. Texts for certain courses are assigned. Based on the syllabus, additionally you will utilize the resources of your own library and those of local public or nearby community or college libraries.

Once you receive the study materials, its Independent study, done on your own, not in a classroom, lecture or a study hall, without being away from work for educating yourself. The responsibility of your education is shared between you and the Institution. You start when you are ready, continue at your own speed and finish at your convenience, neither being pushed nor held back by other students nor by time frames. The self – study allows students to ensure that they have achieved the required level of knowledge.


The quality of work done by student is recorded in the form of the letter mark or grade.


Academic Calendar

The nature of the institution allows for open enrolment, year round. The student’s program begins upon enrolment.

Placement Assistance

Since PDMFU programs are designed to fit the environment of the working professional, the institution does not maintain any type of placement assistance office. However, PDMFU provides 100% placement assistance. From time to time, PDMFU is asked to recommend students for placement. Should this occur, the information will be provided to the appropriate students. All candidates pursing the programs, on successful completion, will be eligible for international / national level placement assistance through the INTERNET (Their Profile / Bio – data will be posted on a website), for a nominal fee.


The application form may be filled and submitted, any time to PDMFU admissions office through the website page available here

1. Application: The application form should be filled. A comprehensive application is comprised of all vocational, professional and academic education and detailed background. It is the philosophy of the institution that the evaluation of an applicant’s lifelong learning experience is the basis of the program. Thus, it is important to include anything that may be of value in this crucial evaluation, including military services, extensive travel, etc.

2. Transcripts: Copies of transcripts / certificates from previous attended institutions, colleges or universities may be provided for evaluation purposes.

3. Documentation Copies: In – service Training / Workshop / Seminars for evaluation purposes, it is important that the applicant list any and all workshop, training and seminars that have been attended in the courses of employment, services, or study in the field for which admission is sought. Documentation may take the form of a copy of certificate or a letter from a sponsoring employer, certifying attendance and a brief description of the training received.